Short Funny Poems

These short funny poems are not just suppose to rhyme, but they are also intended to be quite funny. Well, you be the judge of that, enjoy!


Once again, I’ve stepped in gum.
Someone spit it out, the scum.
Now my Manolo Blahniks wrecked,
by environmental disrespect.

Once again, I’m breathing smog.
Just because I took a jog.
Now my lungs begin to burn.
When will we humans learn?

Once again my dress is stained.
By this gosh darn acid rain.
Left my umbrella in the car.
Didn’t have to walk that far.

by Angela Rose
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Does this dress make me look fat?
How the hell does one answer that?
It’s obviously a trick question.
Answer only with discretion.

Do these pants make my butt big?
Answer "yes" and she will wig.
Change the subject if you can.
Or become a divorced man.

That woman is prettier than me.
Whatever you do, don’t agree.
Her confidence you must revive,
if you want to remain alive.

by Angela Rose

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