Funny Winter Poems

Right now it's freezing outside and you want to read or share some funny winter poems, am I right? I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in this type of poetry if it was the middle of summer and scorching hot outside. Well, maybe I'm wrong, but in any case, I hope you enjoy the funny poem below.

Fireplace Toes

I love to feel snowflakes on my nose,
even though my toes have froze.
I can no longer feel my limbs,
yet I still indulge my winter whims.

There’s nothing better than a roaring fire,
it is a taste easy to acquire.
In front of one I love to relax,
as the warming blaze my frozen toes impacts.

As a winter storm rages away outside,
by the fireplace we will reside.
Snuggled in with movie or book,
we’ll forgo the snowy gobbledygook.

by Angela Rose
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I think that's a great little poem to share with someone, when it's really cold outside. Maybe even next to a fireplace. What about after a fun day of skiing wrecklessly on the slopes. That will surely freeze your toes.

Winter is definitely one of my favorite seasons. It's so beautiful outside. There's so many things to do like ski, or skate, or just go outside and build a snowman. Winter has always been very calming season to me. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. So whatever you decide to do, just remember to stay safe and always have lots of fun, and don't forget to share funny winter poems.

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