Funny Sister Poems

Funny sister poems are suppose to be really funny. I think the poem below makes it onto the funny list. You be the judge.

Sorry Note

This is a note to say "sorry" to you.
I borrowed your sweater and ruined it to.
It’s not really my fault that grape juice can stain.
Though I should not have worn your silk out in the rain.

This is a note to say "sorry" to you.
I should not have stomped your best heels in cow poo.
How could I know that the pasture was full of it?
Though I suppose the cows were a clue, I’ll admit.

This is a note to say "sorry" to you.
I should not have swapped your zit cream with glue.
I never imagined you’d actually use it.
Now wasting away in the emergency room I sit.

Angela Rose
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Angela must be talking about her own sister, because that poem was very descriptive. I could just see two sisters arguing about who took who's clothes or makeup or whatever sisters argue about.

If you want you could always extend this poem before sharing it with your sister. The first line will be the same in each stanza. I'm sure you could think of quite a bit of things you could write about. Like the day that your sister was hitting on your old boyfriend, or when she would hog the washroom, or use up all your makeup. I'm sure the list can go on and on.

That's why here you have an opportunity to let her know how wonderful she is and how she made your life very interesting and sometimes stressful. But in the end what you really want to tell her is that she is a great sister and that you love her with all your heart. Because that's what she really want to hear. But before you say the nice stuff, make fun of her, and tell her about all those annoying times in the past.

I hope you enjoyed the funny sister poems page.

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