Funny Simile Poems

Are you looking for some funny simile poems? I think Angela did a good job writing the simile poem below. I hope you enjoy it.

To Me

Your smile to me is like a rose.
Each tooth a petal, I suppose.
It’s not just that your mouth is round,
your frown has thorns, or so I’ve found.

Your eyes to me are like the stars,
or maybe headlights of passing cars.
Shining brightly when you look at me,
twinkling with a vibrant potpourri.

Your hair to me is like the air,
for without it, I would despair.
It adds much to the woman you are,
and covers your disfiguring scar.

by Angela Rose
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So what is a simile suppose to do? I believe that it is suppose to compare two unlike things, if I remember correctly from high school english class. Reading the above poem, you may notice several things being compared.

A smile is compared with a rose, teeth to petals, round mouth to the overall shapre of a rose. A frown is compared with thorns, eyes with stars, eyes with headlights, and hair to the air.

The last two lines of the last stanza in my opinion may be interpreted in several ways. Some people may think that the author is offending the woman or pointing out that she lacks beauty. However, I think the author is just stating the facts, and adds a personal touch or reality to the character. This makes the woman so much more real, since she is human, and has scars, like all of us do. So this allows us to relate to her more.

Another thing that I like about the last two lines is that it creates an overall simile for the entire poem. Throughout the poem there are several small similes. These similes when examined closer go back from positive to negative. This conflict between positive and negative similes is seen in each stanza and makes the poem funny.

Well I hoped you enjoyed the funny simile poems page, and I wish you a beautiful and peaceful day like dolphins swimming gracefully in the oceans.

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