Funny Roses Are Red Poems

I'm sure that you have written many funny roses are red poems in the past. They are so simple that we often just come up with them in our head and just say it out loud.

Roses and Cats

Roses are said to be red, violets are said to be blue.
I think it’s time to scoop the box; it’s filled up with cat poo.
At least we don’t have to take her, outside to use the grass.
Cats also do not suffer, like most dogs do with gas.

I think that roses are red, and violets must be blue.
Why’d the darn cat wake us? I haven’t got a clue.
She really should be sleeping, her bowl is filled with food.
At three a.m. the cat butt in my face was a bit rude.

Maybe violets are red? Maybe roses are blue?
In an alternate reality, the cat would cook us stew.
Not that we’d want to eat it; it would likely be full of mice.
But the idea of a cat doing chores is actually quite nice.

by Angela Rose
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Angela wrote a truly unique one this time. I'm sure all you cat lovers out there will really appreciate it. Maybe you know someone who has cats that you may share this poem with. We all have family or friends that are obsessed with cats.

It's definitely not a typical roses are red poem. It's a morphed version. But I think it's still pretty cool - great job Angela. If you have a unique and funny roses are red poem that you would like to share with us, feel free to send it in through the contact us page on the left navigation bar.

I'm sure that you could come up with some really funny ones. If they are exceptionally funny, I may have to make a new "hilarious" poem category or page.

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