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I never thought we’d disagree
on anatomy or chemistry.
That was until you made the mistake
of choosing that cold, sparkly fake.

How could you join the vampire side?
When werewolves are best, it can’t be denied!
Team Edward or Team Jacob you had to select.
But you chose wrong and now our friendship’s wrecked.

Until you are ready to rescind your poor choice,
I will not abide the grating sound of your voice.
I miss you dear friend, of that I won’t lie.
But I’ve chosen Team Jacob, so this is goodbye.

by Angela Rose
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Now isn't that a classic example of teenage feuds? During your teenage years new friendships will be formed, and some older friendships will break apart. Some friends begin hanging out with other people that you may not approve of. But in the end, it's their choice, and you just have to move on hang out with those that you feel most comfortable with.

You want to be with people that respect you and appreciate you for who you are. I know that high school and the teenage years are one big popularity contest. But if you think about it, does that stuff really matter. Isn't more important to be liked by your close friends, because of the person that you are. Instead of pretending to be someone else just to be more popular.

Quality is definitely more important than quantity in this case. Now I'm not talking about physics. So try to stay awake. I'm talking about friendships. I would personally prefer to have five really close reliable friends than fifty so-so friends that are just there when they need something.

Finally, you want to hang out with people that you have fun with. That you laugh and joke with all the time. Not with people that get jealous or stab you in the back. That's not cool. Well anyways, share some of these funny poems for teens with your "real" friends. I'm sure they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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