Funny Poems About School

So you're looking for some funny poems about school, am I right? Check out the funny graduation poems section for high school students, or funny college graduation poems for college students. You may also enjoy the one below.

Miss Johnson

I’m sorry, Miss Johnson, I don’t have my report.
The dog, he consumed it, on the tennis court.
I’d spent hours preparing it for you today,
It’s too bad it met with foul play.

You would’ve been proud of my superior results.
For my book report was without any faults.
An "A" I am certain you’d have given to me,
if it weren’t for that old dog, bitten by fleas.

I beg you, Miss Johnson, don’t fault me for this.
An "F" would plunge me to the deepest abyss.
I’ll rewrite it tonight even in a cold sweat,
and tomorrow again I’ll be your teacher’s pet.

by Angela Rose
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Now does that one remind you of all those excuses at school. Some of us had excuses more often than others. A lot of them were really funny. Yes the dog ate my homework one is considered the most classic of them all. But these days with modern technology, you may always use the "my computer crashed" excuse. What about I was working on it all night long and than all of a sudden I lost my word document.

After this, the begging usually follows. I will bring it in tomorrow, I promise. I must admit I was pretty bad with handing in assignments on time while in university. Sometimes I was a week or even two weeks late in handing assignments in. That was not a very good habit. My problem was that I would leave everything to the absolute last minute. Instead of writing up the assignment quickly. I would begin slowly researching the topic and start with an outline.

Now this is ok, if you start a few days before it's due. But not when you start at 11pm the night before it's due. Thinking back at the whole situation, I realize that I lost a lot of marks because I was always late. That could be a difference between a C and a B or a B and A. But what am I talking about, those are just letters. In the grand scheme of things, don't worry, just throw those letters in your soup, and enjoy the funny poems about school.

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