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The funny love poems in this section were written for you to share with the love of your life.


Did you know your snoring could awaken the dead?
Or perhaps it could be used to saw logs instead?
Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep is no longer mine.
To a lifetime of constant yawning, I have been resigned.

I’ve noticed too, you never seem to close the bathroom door.
Please shut it next time won’t you? Of this I do implore.
What you do in there is stinky, and often quite unpleasant.
I know that we’re supposed to share, but gas is not a present.

Even though you often do things that make me a bit mad,
without you I know I would be terribly, horribly sad.
So please remember that I love you, even when we don’t agree.
Most of the time, we get along. You are my honeybee.

by Angela Rose
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Suited Pair

Do you remember our very first date?
The movie we saw and all the popcorn we ate?
At the end of the evening I puckered my lips.
I was expecting a kiss like in the movie scripts.

But you were too shy to kiss me that night.
Instead you hugged me beneath the porch light.
I thought that was bad, and didn’t expect your call,
the next day when you asked me to go to the mall.

We’ve been like two peas in a pod ever since.
I am your princess, and you are my prince.
We may be much older and losing our hair,
but the world’s never known a more well-suited pair.

by Angela Rose

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