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First Day of School

It’s my first day of school
And I know all the rules.
Like to say please and thank you,
excuse me and bless you.

I won’t pick my nose,
or stomp on anyone’s toes.
I’ll put my hand up politely,
and practice how to sit tightly.

At recess I’ll run,
we’ll have so much fun.
After school I’ll return,
full of all that I’ll learn.

by Angela Rose
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Here is a funny poem for a six year old kid. But you could always change the age if you would like. You have probably guess, that the next poem was written with a seven year old in mind. But once again, feel free to switch up the age if you need to.

Eight and Bed

I don’t want to go to bed.
It’s only eight, my brother said.
But eight is when all eight year olds,
need to do as they’ve been told.

Why can’t I stay up till ten?
He demanded yet again.
Because you’re eight my mom replied,
So to bed he went with a heavy sigh.

However what mom doesn’t know,
to bed my brother does not go.
Instead he hides out in the den,
until she tells him to go to bed again.

by Angela Rose

We all know that kids love halloween. That's why we created a funny halloween poems page. Here's a halloween poem titled, Dressing Like, it's a bit spooky, I'm kidding.

You have probably noticed that all of these funny poems for children rhyme. Well, that's because we all know that kids love when things rhyme. I think that's a great way to get kids interested in poetry

Some of these funny poems for kids are funnier than others. The last one is titled, Study.

Well, I hope you had lots of fun browsing through the funny kids poems section. Just don't forget to share these poems with your friends and family.

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