Funny Friendship Poems

This section features several pages dedicated to funny friendship poems. Feel free to send these poems to your friends and make them laugh.

Till The End

You can’t pick your friends but you can pick your nose,
at least I think that’s how the old saying goes.
But I’ll be with you through thick and through thin,
‘cause you are my friend till the end.

Seems like I’ve known you forever at times,
We have been partners in many hilarious crimes.
Never without you do I want to live.
My life for yours I would readily give.

I hope that you feel the same way about me,
and haven’t just pretended to an adequate degree.
"Here’s looking at you, kid." as Bogart would say,
my friendship is yours until my dying day.

by Angela Rose
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Me and You

I fondly remember the day that we met.
And all the fun since that I’ll never forget.
It seems like the best moments I’ve had in my life,
have been hanging with you and free from all strife.

You answered my call when I landed in jail.
Even emptying your savings to help me post bail.
Disposal of bodies at midnight is fine,
whether done by swine or by lime.

I want you to know I’ll return the favor.
I’d love to be your equal as savior.
If an airtight alibi you’re ever in need,
I can be trusted with the deed.

by Angela Rose

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Well, I hope you enjoyed these funny friendship poems, and don't forget to share them with your family and friends.

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