Funny Fathers Day Poems

Most dads love funny fathers day poems. That's because they enjoy laughing and are often very funny themselves. Share the funny poem below with your wonderful dad.

I Remember The Day

I remember the day you taught me to ride a bike.
I didn’t think I was ready to give up my trike.
But you were so encouraging, I gave it a go.
I never knew before then how quickly blood could flow.

I remember the day you taught me how to drive.
It’s amazing, in fact, that we made it home alive.
The brake from the gas pedal, I could not tell.
I never knew before then how loudly you could yell.

I remember the day that you gave me away.
And how happy you looked as you held my bouquet.
Dad, I love you so much, and forever will it’s true.
On this father’s day, I want to say, "thanks for all you do."

by Angela Rose
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The first two stanzas in that poem were funny, but the last one was more sentimental than anything else. It nearly made me cry. I wasn't expecting that on a funny poems website.

So what did your dad teach you to do? Probably many things, I would assume. Maybe how to fix things around the house or how to ski or swim. I think most of the time Dads encourage us to take risks and want us to try new and exciting things in life as we grow up. While moms are also supportive, but they are usually more cautious.

While a dad is teaching his kids how to ride a bike like in the above poem. Moms are often waiting on the sidelines holding a first aid kit. If that was your situation, than go and thank your father for pushing you to take risks in life and encourging you to be brave and courageous.

But I think the most important thing that you should thank your father for, is for always being there for you. When you were down or just needed someone to talk to he was there ready to listen. When you needed advice about a certain situation, he was prepared to help and share his wisdom and truth.

I really hope that you make a habit in sharing funny fathers day poems with your dad every year. It will certainly melt his heart.

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