Funny Family Reunion Poems

Funny family reunion poems may be the key to saving another family reunion. Just when tension is rising and everyone is arguing. This is the best time to grab everyones attention and read a family reunion poem that will make them laugh. It may even help.

Family Reunion

Few things are as interesting as a family reunion.
Together we gather and engage in communion.
Granddad espouses on "the good old days,"
while all the youngsters’ eyes glaze.

"It seems like forever since I’ve seen you," we exclaim.
"You’re looking great, you’ve lost weight," we proclaim.
We thought we’d be counting the minutes till its end.
Little did we know, we’d be making new friends.

A family reunion is the very best place,
to reminisce about childhood and enjoy a sack race.
When next you are given an invitation to yours,
don’t pretend you can’t go due to chores.

by Angela Rose
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Do you remember your last family reunion? How did it go? Was it successful or was it a complete disaster? Well now you are armed with a family reunion poem that may help the next one go a bit more smoothly.

We can all admit, that family reunions are often very interesting. Arguing is very common, about everything beneath the moon. Pointing fingers is also quite normal at these occasions.

They are not all that bad, sometimes they can be fun. Especailly if you haven't seen someone that you really like in a long time. I noticed that at my family reunions people that have similar personalities or interests form these little groups. I call them wolf packs. These wolf packs disperse into different areas of the house and backyard. It makes complete sense. Everyone wants to catch up with those they are closest with or have common interests.

So next time you are at your family reunion, try mixing the wolf pack up a bit, and venture into unknown territories. You may be pleasantly surprised. But if you are not, you may always return to your initial wolf pack. Have fun sharing the family reunion poems.

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