Funny Family Poems

You will find a variety of funny family poems in this section. Feel free to share them with any of your family members and make them laugh.

Your Family

Your family must love you, no matter what.
Even if you often behave like a nut.
They don’t care if you’re lazy or if you swear.
They love you because you are theirs.

You can’t chose the family you’re born in, it’s true.
Sometimes the fit may feel quite askew.
But you have more in common with them than you know.
They’ve shaped your life much like bread’s shaped from dough.

They next time you feel like disowning them,
Take a moment to ponder before you condemn.
Without your family, you’d be more alone.
They’re the only family you’ve known.

by Angela Rose
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Family Recipe

You have your dad’s eyes and your mom’s great big nose,
your granddad’s humor and your granny’s repose.
Your cheek bones resemble that of Rosie and May,
though thankfully you don’t weigh as much as they.

Your voice reminds many of your old uncle Rudy.
He was often moody before becoming your new Aunt Judy.
You can run almost as fast as your second cousin Stan.
At least as fast as he could run before he picked up a beer can.

Your family’s like a recipe for what you will become.
Each ingredient they contribute, a little one by one.
Take some time each day to contemplate your reflection.
Our family traits in you have combined into perfection.

by Angela Rose

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Well, I hope these different funny family poems come in handy. Enjoy!

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