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So you are looking for funny christmas stories and poems. If you have a cat the funny poem below may be the right cup of tea. But if you don't have a cat, I'm sure you will be able to relate to the Christmas Parking. Everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about with that poem. Ok so let's get back to the cat poem.

Catty Christmas

Have you ever wrapped a present with your cat?
You’ll spend less time wrapping and more yelling "scat!"
For cats would rather shred the paper,
Then help you with the gosh darn taper.

They are more adept at trimming the tree
As they hurl themselves on it with much furry glee.
Just don’t let them touch your most precious ornaments
unless you wish to schedule emergency vet appointments.

It is not advisable to accept their assistance with baking
Unless cat fur Christmas cookies you are making.
They will spend much more time licking the frosting
than helping with tasks that are truly exhausting.

by Angela Rose
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I can really relate to that poem written by Angela. This was about 5 years ago at my parents house. We were all chatting and eating christmas eve dinner in the dining room. My uncle and I went outside to sneak in all the christmas gifts through the back door (yes we open gifts on Christmas Eve).

My sister took all the kids downstairs for a few minutes to distract them, as we brought in the gifts and placed them under the tree in the living room. A few minutes later we called the kids back upstairs. The entire mob of kids ages 1 to 12 came running up as they heard that Santa was here.

I had the camera rolling, and the moment was priceless. All the gifts were left alone for just a few minutes, but that's all the time my cousins little kittens needed to treat themselves to christmas wrapping paper.

We spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out which gifts were for whom. Since it was one huge mess. But in the end, the kids got their presents and the kittens got their wrapping paper.

I hope you enjoyed that story. I will be adding more funny christmas stories and poems to this page very soon. In the meantime feel free to browse and share the funny christmas poems from the main christmas section.

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