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Are you searching for really funny childrens poems? The poem that is featured below talks about life as a seven year old.


When you’re seven,
every day is heaven.
No bills to pay,
you can play all day.

Sure there’s school,
but some day’s it’s cool.
Playing with friends,
and writing with pens.

Being seven is not being eight.
Then you’ll have to pull your weight.
For now you can take it easy,
When you’re seven, life is breezy!

by Angela Rose
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Is life that much different for a child when they are seven and when they are eight, like this poem implies? I don't think so. Well, I'm sure there are a bit more responsibilities an eight year old will have over a seven year old. But is it a huge difference? I doubti it.

I still remember how life was so beautiful when I was seven. Every single day was another test of the imagination. Life seemed like one big storybook. I remember that there were always so many options to choose from regarding games. Life was truly wonderful.

So many friendships were developed out in the playground at that age. This was important, since these experiences taught us or developed our social skills. That's why parents these days should encourage their kids to play outside, instead of secluding themselves inside and just playing video games by themselves. I know there are online games these days. However, nothing beats the social development a child receives from physically interacting with their peers in the playground.

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