Funny Anniversary Poems

So you are looking for funny anniversary poems to share with your husband or wife, am I right? or maybe boyfriend or girlfriend? Well, here's a really funny one that I recommend that you add to the anniversary card.

Exact Date?

Honey, I love you. Please do not kill me.
I’m begging for a favor on bended knee.
I know our anniversary is on its way,
I just don’t remember the exact day.

Just calm down, and put away the gun.
You’re overreacting when you say, "we’re done!"
If you shoot me, you’ll end up in jail.
Your anniversary present will be nothing but bail.

Yes, that’s right, I got you a present.
How else to acknowledge such a blessed event?
I may not remember the date of our wedding,
But I know that diamonds prevent my beheading.

by Angela Rose
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Most men are horrible at remembering dates, any dates that is. Now, anniversaries are no exception. However, these days men do not have any excuses. Because with the assistance of all this technology, there is no excuse to forget. Just place a reminder in your blackberry. It's that easy.

Well is it now? I can only speak for myself. I think I am pretty good at remembering anniversaries because my wife gives gradual hints leading up to the date. So I guess I have a little bit of an edge of most men, who are stranded alone out there, with just their fading memories. They blame the fading memories on all those intoxicating events from the past. Now I think that's a great excuse. I may even use it myself.

The truth is, anniversaries are very important, and we should all make an extra effort to not forget, or to at least remind ourselves somehow. By remembering these important dates, you are telling your partner that these dates hold a special place in your heart. And that means a lot.

Good luck find the perfect funny anniversary poems for your wonderful partner in life.

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